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Mindvalley – Lisa Nichols – Speak & Inspire. Join Lisa Nichols On A 30-Day Quest To Uncover Your Unique Voice, Speak With Effortless Confidence, And Inspire The Lives Of Anyone You Talk To

Fear is your friend, not your enemy. This episode features a powerful talk by Lisa Nichols that will have you screaming, "yes! YES!" every minute of it. A renowned speaker from "The Secret," she is also Mindvalley's beloved teacher of the Speak And Inspire Quest. She has the magical ability to shake anyone to their core.

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Lisa Nichols, star of The Secret, and arguably one of the world’s greatest speaking coaches today, is hosting a free 80-minute online webinar with Mindvalley.

Where she reveals the 4 secrets to becoming a Powerful Communicator.

If you want to turn your story – as painful as it may be – into a teaching tool, I highly recommend you take Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire quest on Mindvalley. It will help you find those parts of you that are hard to share, love them, get the courage to share them, and help change other people’s lives in the process. 10.