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Roger Langille DS Domination ROGER LANGILLE RIPPED ME OFF WITH INCOMPLETE PRODUCT STOLED $500.00 Nationwide I purchased a product from ROGER LANGILLE who is a resident of North Carolina that he was offering on his DS Domination site.

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Is DS Domination a Scam?.

post about the sudden resignation of DS Domination CEO Roger Langille.

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The creator of DS Domination (Roger Langille) would like us to believe that dropshipping is your fast ticket to success on the internet. In a DS Domination promotional video, viewers are promised that all it takes it “an hour or two a day” to replace a fulltime income.

Owners: Roger Langille and Kevin Hokoana Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 stars. What is DS Domination? DS Domination stands for Drop Shipping Domination and is a multilevel marketing pyramid scheme. The company is owned by Kevin Hokoana- an Air Force Major and Roger Langille that are both experienced affiliate marketers.