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Conducted by Dato’ Joey Yap himself, the 85 participants were invited guests of the Mastery Academy. The aim of this talk was to share the methods of utilizing the Xuan Kong Flying Stars to go manoeuvre through difficult times and overcome obstacles when it.

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A fascinating and alluring component of Xuan Kong Feng Shui The 81 Flying Star Combinations offers a modern interpretation of the 81 Combinations, including its 64 Hexagrams, that is suitable for the current times and purposes.

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Discover the Annual Afflictions for 2019 and obtain an all-encompassing view of the Flying Stars that impact your personal abode and workplace.

Xuan Kong Homestudy Series and the Xuan Kong 10-Day Vide Coaching.

Joey Yap also hosts his own TV show, Discover Feng Shui with Joey Yap, where millions of viewers learn the practical.

The traditional practice of Feng Shui itself has its origins in Yin Houses (otherwise known as burial grounds or tombs).

They are: Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Purple White Script, Secrets of Xuan Kong, Ode to Mysticism, Ode to Flying Stars, The Yin House Handbook and Water Water Everywhere.

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Day 1 – Joey Yap’s Real Feng Shui Recorded Conference Session One – Introduction to Xuan Kong Feng Shui Session Two – Period Charts and 24 Mountains Differentiation Session Three – Types of Flying Stars Chart Session Four – Special Formations Day 2 – Joey Yap’s Real Feng Shui Recorded Conference Session Five – Xuan Kong Flying Stars 81.