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You can easily create a beautiful stain glass window with Unicorn SPiT and not break the bank in the process. Plus you will have leftover Unicorn SPiT to do many more projects (check out my blog to see more projects).

8 Minimalist Brands You Need to Know. November 5,

It’s so beautiful & you would love it.

Hey Amber, you’re gorgeous as always! I have one question: When I.

It was my second time for eyeliner after 20 years. This is the most professional and most aesthetic application of permanent cosmetics I have experienced. I highly recommend the staff here at Beautiful You. You may arrange your appointment online and communicate via email if you have concerns about your procedure.

I’m so happy to see you use the Beautiful You stamp set. I have this set, but not the Swirly Frames.

Amber cupp says. December 16, 2018 at 10:51 pm. That card.

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She does these beautiful drawings and hand lettering inside the book. It’s just beautiful and there’s such good advice inside of this thing. So where can people go to learn more about you, Amber, and your book? Amber Rae: The book is at, and all the links available anywhere books are sold. And then I’m obsessed with.