[2019] Dandapanillc – Introduction To Meditation

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Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, known for her clear instruction and user-friendly approach, introduces you to meditation techniques from the yogic and Buddhist traditions, including. Meditation on the breath; Loving-kindness meditation; Walking meditation; Pranayama (breathing exercises) Mantra meditation; Sanskrit chanting as meditation.

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You’ll receive a thorough introduction to two powerful practices, the mindfulness of breathing and the cultivation of loving kindness, in more depth than is possible in drop-in classes. There are guided meditations , accompanied by instruction in the underlying principles, and time for questions and discussion.

Introduction to Raja Yoga Meditation: Master Your State of Mind January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and Feb 5th, 2019 Delivered over 5 Tuesday nights Time: 7-9 pm This is a five-week introduction course to meditation for beginners. Raja Yoga is ‘yoga for the mind’.

LINCOLN – The Christian Zen group at Lime Rock Baptist Church, 1075 Great Road, will present an introduction to the Zen tradition.

Kevin Hunt, a Zen master and a Trappist Monk. The meditation progr.

and if you are new to Meditation that this class is definitely a good fit for you.What to expect:Each class will start with a.

This free introduction workshop will cover a number of techniques and important details for creating and cultivating a personal meditation practice. Sunday, 06. January 2019, Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Branc, Introduction to Meditation – Jan 2019

Event in PA. Introduction to Meditation- Part 1 of 4 January 17 2019. A four-part introduction to meditation taught in the relaxed, accessible, clear style of the Tibetan Master Mingyur Rinpoche, author of bestseller “The Joy of Living”.

Merging together her training in shamanism, Tarot, past life work, meditation and psychology, she teaches and writes about be.

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